Affiliate Marketing - A marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.

Associate marketing discount services earnings strategy (AMDSES) – We do all the work with regards to managing your site and the contents within it. We put our marketing links on your website and then we discount your website services based on a percentage scale of the revenue generated by your site! This keeps us in good standing with our affiliate partners and allows us to build our customers affordable websites. AMDSES drives down the expensive cost for a consumer by allowing them the opportunity to have a website that generates income for the host company while simultaneously lowering the customers bill. See Full Disclosure at time of contract service agreement. 

External Websites – An external website is a website that Hail Digital considers as a site that we manage but do not have ownership rights or intellectual property rights to.

Discount Service Earnings – Discount earnings is exactly what it sounds like, we discount earnings generated by marketing links on a consumers site to pay for their web services. Discount earnings is based on a tiered scale in which, as a consumer’s website generates more income they increase the profit margin in their favor. See Profit Margin Scale for details.

Discount Service Earnings Check Distribution – This is when we start cutting checks to a consumer. Once a customer’s site generates enough income to pay for two full years of service additional earnings now get distributed in the form of a check made payable to the customer.

Buyout Options – As a customer’s business starts to grow or personal website starts to become more popular it will drive more web traffic. They may want to keep all of or a majority of the affiliate marketing earning for themselves. This is completely understandable; that’s why we have included Buy Out Options! We want you to keep the revenue from your web-page. We want to help you build something that allows you to meet your financial goals. Just remember who helped you get there! That’s why at the time of a requested buy-out we will only ask for what we are due. This comes in the way of a monetary pay out, based solely on the market value of website's affiliate earnings. Not based on the market value estimation of your entire business!

Hourly Charge – An Hourly Charge is the price a consumer pays for hourly work. They can choose a package which has a specified amount of hourly work built into the deal or they can pay by the hour from the jump. Hourly Rates are based on the type of work being done and who is doing the work. Hourly Charges can range anywhere from $35-$65.

Rollover Options – A rollover option allows a consumer to carry over a built in Hourly Rate Service from month to month. For example, a Bronze package consumer has 1 hour per month built into their package. If the hour is not used in that month the hour can be carried over to the next month. The rollover limit cannot exceed 12 hours over the initial hours allotted per package. For example, if your package allots 48 hours you can accrue up to 60 hours from not using your Hourly Rates.

Roll in Order – The roll in order service is an agreement that allows a consumer to have their website built with no upfront costs! We Roll in the initial cost of your order to the affiliate sharing program. We take the initial cost of the top and maintain your balance for you released in quarterly statements. Once the balance from the Roll in Order is paid in full; you are eligible for payments under the discount earnings program. This allows our customers the flexibility to not come out of pocket for their website build! There is no minimal term agreement for a Roll in Order however if a customer terminates service, the remaining Roll in order balance becomes due.

Startup Waiver – You can have the startup waiver fee waived for Bronze Packages and Silver Packages if you have the following; A Non-Profit Organization Certificate; A minister with a church/religion related site; submit a written proposal as to you should receive a waiver. We will review your proposal to see if it qualifies for the startup waiver.

Serious Business – Show us you mean Serious Business by signing a multiyear contract.  This will reduce the cost of the initial website development. Each additional year signed on as a part of the contract will award discounted prices as follows;

  1. Bronze Package - $25.00 ($125.00 Max)
  2. Silver Package - $50.00 ($250.00 Max)
  3. Gold Package - $75.00 ($375.00 Max)
  4. Platinum Package - $100.00 ($500.00 Max)

This is our way to say thank you in advance for becoming long term customers. Offer Valid up to five (5) years.  

Locked Security – The Site Identity button (a padlock) appears in your address bar when you visit a secure website. You can quickly find out if the connection to the website you are viewing is encrypted. In some cases you can find out who owns the website. This should help you avoid malicious websites that are trying to obtain your personal information. Bottom line people feel safer on secure websites.

Cycle Year The cycle year is based on the start date of your service. It ends 12 months or 364 days from the start of your service.