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Super Heroes Live!

Super Hero Junky is here to meet all of your Super Hero needs! They are a determined to shove Super Hero Drama down your throats! (Creepy Deadpool Voice). This site has it all; from comparative blogs, to love for your favorite heroes and hate for your most misguided villains. DC, Marvel, heck even a Ninja Turtle might get attention. They write the craziest, most awesome Super Blogs imaginable! They are continuously growing and even looking for people interested in becoming a writer for them!

SHJ Story

There’s no story. They like to write and love super heroes! Do the math! That equation = them here to entertain your super hero desires! Comment on their blogs or better yet ask about joining their team to write your own!


They are here to “kick names and take ass” (Mantis). The approach you ask? Write killer articles about Super Heroes! Simple and even plain. They write for fun and because they love it! You can really tell that they want to deliver great content to the readers in a quest to conquer the world, or at least avenge it!

No Super Hero Limits

They have no restrictions there! Well, other than being a respectful blogger. Keeping it clean is a priority! If you have a passion for good versus evil, you are in the right place, no matter what side you are on! Want to talk about or review your favorite and/or most dreaded super hero movie? Here is the place to do it! Super Hero Junky is the place to be when it comes to the Super Hero Registration Act! Sign up now to become a subscriber or a contributing member at!


Be sure to check out their Super Hero Junky Junk. Loaded with their very own Super Hero Junky products and a ton of Affiliate Partner Links that take you direct to partner sites for discount shopping! Not only do they have access to deals for referring readers to affiliate partner websites, they get a small commission which keeps this site free for you!

Anime Junky

Anime Junky a Sub-Category Page, dedicated to Anime! Some are Supers, like pretty much all of the characters from Dragon Ball Z, while others are not so super, as far as powers go that is. Like my personal favorite Ash Ketchum from Pokemon! What IS pretty super, is the attention Anime Junky gets!


They exist because of you! If you enjoy their site please click on any of the Affiliate Links you see anywhere on their site or in any blog! It costs you nothing and they make a small commission on the referral which helps keep the site up and running!


If you happen to think their page is super, pun intended, please visit the SHJ Home Page and their Super Hero Junky Facebook page! Feel free to share it as well! They will be super happy with that! See what we did there? Also be sure to check out the rest of the pages! They have some cool links that will take to some of our other super awesome websites! Like Check them all out! They always respond to readers and love to here from them, so subscribe, like and share!


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