Hail Digital Studio

Recording and Production here! Need beats? We have those also for purchase and lease. Silver, Gold and Platinum Studio packages available.  Demos, Mix tapes, Original Albums, Audio Comedy and Audio Books!

Event Planning

Juggling too much? Feeling overwhelmed planning an event? Give us a call, we have successfully planned hundreds of events, including Weddings, Proms, Birthday Party's, Comedy Shows, Kids Events, sports clinics, golf tournaments and more.

DJ Service

We have a network of in house and contracted DJ's at our disposal. We can handle the Saturday afternoon backyard cookout, High School Proms, Birthday Party's, Baby Showers, Weddings and more! We can handle any event!


Want to shoot a video? Film an event? Save precious moments of a child's birthday party? We can video the event and edit the content so that your 4 hour birthday party is captured in a special 5-7 minute highlight reel style video.


Need a photo shoot for an album cover? How about a wedding, jack and jill shower, baby shower, or maybe you just need family photos. We have our own in house photographer ready to support your photo needs!

Artist portfolio

We can build your portfolio and help you compile your photos, cover letter & bio, press clippings and demo.


We do it All

We can support your entire event, whether its an extravagant wedding or a simple cookout. We provide customizable individual and service packages through a large network of in house and contracted workers and services.

Why Hail Digital?

  1. We have the best prices! We deliver great pricing through a large network of affiliates. We get special rates because we provide our affiliates with volume.
  2. We do all the work for you! We make the calls, book the venues, set up the meetings and more!
  3. We Care a ton. We want you to have the best experience, use us for all your future events & projects and recommend us to all of your friends!
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Next Steps?

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