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This blog will list some of the Sexiest Women in entertainment today, with a twist, as it reveals the hottest babes that went from kid shows to sexy, in a second. This will be a pretty easy and fun blog to read. No rankings just down right uncomfortable sex appeal, with a personal twist. It may only be uncomfortable if your like me, that is a 40 year old with a 20 year old. You know what I mean, remember the time when your kid was watching Disney Channel and now that cute little 11 year old from their favorite show is a half naked 20 year old shaking it in a video. The kind of uncomfortable you get when you watch Deadpool 2 together as a family. Yeah, that kind of uncomfortable. If you don't agree with my list feel free to comment below.


Selena Gomez

Vatos locos Selena got sexy in a choke hold, hard to "breath you in and out" that way Selena. Can't tell me that the 26 year old Mexican heart throb isn't sexy. She's a real live tella novela and the hottest Mexicana in music since the real Selena (Selena Quintanilla-Pérez). The former Disney cutie is all grown up and has turned into a serial dater, scooping up dudes like Justin Beiber and The Weekend, just to name a few. From Disney to some pretty sexy and brash lyrics.

"I just wanna feel your body right next to mine
All night long
Baby, slow down the song
And when it's coming closer to the end hit rewind
All night long
Baby, slow down the song"

Go ahead tell me shes singing about dancing. That's what I tell my kids and so should you. The uncomfortable reality is that Selena is a super hottie that started on Barney. Those Lyrics are a far cry from "I love you, You Love me".


Christina Aguilera

Nothing Screams Daaayyyyyuummm like this "Genie in a Bottle". Before becoming a sex symbol and music Icon Christina hung out on the set of the Mickey Mouse Club House with Britney Spears. Don't worry we saved her for later. Here is some of Christina's most racy lyrics.

"Mirror mirror on the wall
Hit up Prince Charming, tell him give me a call
Never mind, screw him
'Cause I found somebody better
Never mind, screw him
I make myself so much wetter"

Talk about a leap and jump from a kids show TV star.


Miley Cirus

No one and I mean no one can scream raunchy louder than Miley Cirus, talk about turning your life into a "wrecking ball". From Hannah Montana to on stage half nude crotch grabbing. Can't forget the twerking incident on Robin Thicke, lol.

She's the epitome of a super freak, the definition of promiscuous, the embodiment of a good girl gone bad. I ask you this, what's not to love? I mean she has a song call "bang my box". Need more Miley's Gone Wild proof? Check out these lyrics.

"There ain't nothing I'm scared to try
I can be on top or if you like it I can just lie here
Take my picture position my body
Wherever you like just know I like it naughty
Teach me a lesson pretend we never met
But we just can't keep kissing
'Cause you're getting me so wet"


Ariana Grande

If "God is Woman" her name is Ariana but jeesh, talk about difficulty trying to find a sexy pic, have you ever googled this chick? She must have an outie because she loves them belly button covering skirts. Anyway that silly young lady from Nickelodeon's Sam and Cat is no more. I actually liked her personality on that show and had a gut feeling she was going to blow up from it. I was right, she did. Now that she has left Sam behind and embarked on a solo music career she drops lyrics like these.

"Got these thoughts in my head
Ain't no way to forget
Got me losing my breath
Nobody got me the way that you did
Had my eyes rolling back
Had me arching my back
Now you love me so good
I wish you would hurry up and come back"

Might want to reconsider taking your 10 year old to that Ariana concert.



Damn Demi, looking good, looking real good. That picture is far away from Sonny with a chance in which Demi says she regrets being a Star on the Disney show. She also spent some time with Selena on the set of Barney & Friends and Wizards of Waverly Place. Now she struggles with drug addiction, "Sorry Not Sorry" and sings lyrics like these.

"You can touch me with slow hands
Speed it up, baby, make me sweat
Dreamland, take me there 'cause I want your sex
If my body had a say, I wouldn't turn away
Touch, make love, taste you
If my body told the truth, baby I would do
Just what I want to"

A true hottie, I think they should call her a Demi GOD!


Britney Spears

The "I'm Not That Innocent" queen went from child super star to downright dirty. It's probably why she's my favorite. This former drug abusing yummy mummy gets down with a lot of other celebs or at least she did. The notables are Justin Timberlake, Fred Durst, Mario Lopez and Kevin Federline whom she married and had a couple of kids with.

What's so great about Britney is the narratives. She sings about being in love, romance and crazy relationships, which is all based off of her lifestyle, which makes her that much more sexy. What really makes it uncomfortable for some people is that while she's talking about leaving the sent of her "perfume" on her current boyfriend so his ex-girl can get a whiff of it, just remember she also sang along as a member of the Mickey Mouse Club House.

"The beat just dropped and the room got sexy
You're watching me like there's no one else around
I know you want me like kids want candy
So keep watching me go down and up and down
Down and up and down and up and down and up and down
Down and up and down and up and down and up and down"

Sounds like Britney is singing about dancing on a pole (or something else), please tell me why you don't like her again?

The Vulture culture

Please understand that I am not condemning these women, I actually like all of them as artists. The article is not a fall from grace blog. I wish them the most success in life. They all have grown up into super attractive women and their song lyrics although brash are cutting edge and innovative. This article is a sex sells article. The reality is these ladies started out as innocent children actresses.  Scary to know that the children of our TV shows past are snagged up shortly after their 18th birthdays stripped down to hardly nothing and put in sex selling music videos. Even worse, they are preyed on by adult vultures, "she's going to be hot in 5-6 years, let's make her famous now". No need to wonder why these former kid show stars sing about sex, dress half naked, fall victim to drug addictions and succumb to celebrity pressures from mature members of the opposite sex. A lot of it comes down to a lack of respect for women in general but a lot of it just comes down to over-exposed children celebrities.

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