I’m always goin’ hard in everything that I have do in a wide array of efforts. From competing on a high level in my Alma Marta’s sports programs to banging out 24 graduate level credits in a year to finish off my MBA. I coached Pop Warner football as a volunteer and athletic director for several years. Anyone in my town knows I gave it 110 percent. Mind you, I have 4 kids and a demanding yet equally contributing wife at home. We live in a 1932 built bungalow that I am constantly working on. I also spend a lot of time and money in the studio. Hobby/Passion turned business get’s expensive quick, more details on that a little later on.

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Back to the goin’ hard, I partied through my 20’s like a rock star! If I gave coaching 110 percent partying got 120! Knocked out my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and my Masters of Business Administration Degree in about 3 years. Total! I went crazy in the studio too, yeah that’s right the studio! I founded Hail Digital Entertainment in 2010! It started out as more of a hobby, but I turned into a business to generate enough profit to at least cover the equipment expenses. It’s a great studio and fully capable, however I tend to turn down work and keep it to myself these days. I also teach young people how to build their own studios. I’d hate to charge a young kid when they can buy their own set up to practice with. Nonetheless, the focus of this article isn’t about recording! It’s about how I went hard in everything that I have ever done. Except trying to make money!

Goin’ Hard for the Cash

As you already know I’ve gone hard in everything except increasing my own net worth. Well, I had a quick run when I was about 19. I tried to hustle my way to the top of the ACN pyramid. Quit after three – six months. Started chasing women instead. Heck, I was 19! Can you blame me?  Then came a period of unfocused and troubling times, but this isn’t a biography either. Plus, I have to go from entry level middle class middle management to millionaire before anyone wants to buy a book about me anyway. So you won’t get that for at least a few years! I’ve dedicated a lot of time, energy and resources into playing and coaching sports, making commitments to “give back” and non-profit organizations, achieving goals, earning degrees and partying like a rock star! I’ve gone hard in and for everything I’ve done and most of it was a positive thing, well except maybe, chasing the women. The point is, it’s time to go hard for the cash!

The Monetizing Journey

As you already know I go hard! I’m not giving up! This blog is going to bring you through my monetizing journey. I’m refocusing on my business and I’m going to take you with me every step of the way! Yes, I own Hail Digital, yes it is a sole proprietorship and yes it generates income every year. However, once I changed it from hobby to business it wasn’t as fun for me anymore. That comes with the territory. Don’t get me wrong, I feel great satisfaction when servicing local venues and the people in the community. Especially through the Hail Digital Entertainment Youth Movement. We want to provide a good service at reasonable prices. In addition to that we are trying to help out people that are looking to start up a career or business by providing them the tools to do it themselves. We are actually teaching young artists how to build their own studios to help get their careers going. For more HD information read our entertainment blogs about the music industry. I’m goin’ hard all over again in an expanded business model.

The Commitment

I’ve made a 3-year commitment to myself to earn as much income as I can through website design and affiliate marketing! As I learn you will learn! Stick with me as I drop blog after blog, in effort to build content filled websites that get approved for affiliate marketing by a variety of online retailers! I will not quit. I am determined to generate passive income for my family. Let me tell you how I taught myself to build intuitive websites in less than 24 hours! Only time will tell how successful I am going to be! Check back soon to see where I am at, in my progress to conquer the world!

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