Creativity Gone Wild

Has creativity gone wild? It seems like musicians are doing anything to get attention nowadays. Entertainers have always been eccentric, however it seems like some people are taking it to an entirely new level. Focusing on the attire and attention seeking video’s it seems like new age musicians will do just about anything to get noticed. I wonder if selling their soul to the devil is on that list? Regardless, evolution has occurred and now we have a barrage of Television screen and YouTube tragedies to deal with.

The OG’s of Creativity

Some of the Original Gangsters of creativity in Hip Hop were Outkast, Cameron, P-Diddy to name a few. These are the guys that dared to be different while everyone else was wearing Blue Jeans, White Tees and Air Forces. Before there was Cardi-B, there was Missy Elliot. Can I get a Hashtag Innovation!

Creative Disasters

Have you ever seen Teka$hi 69 (6ix9ine) on screen? The gangster rapper has rainbow hair, rainbow teeth and a Paris Hilton purse dog. Close your eyes and he sounds like Onyx and DMX combined, open them and you see a power puff girl or glitter force anime character. I just can’t take this kid seriously. Cameron wore pink, big deal, he made pink wearing OK for men! I’m not hating on the guy, I appreciate how he took over the internet and made serious cash without signing a record deal. However trolling 12 year old girls is a devilishly ridiculous way to generate cash. This guy even got busted for it once cited by this Jezebel article. I’m sure he’s not the only one, there will soon be several other creative tragedies that troll the giggling girl train for indecent exposure soon to follow. Can’t Wait! How about you!?


Then we have the old heads that are trying to stay relevant. A couple perfect examples are Jay-Z and J-Lo. Yo Queiro Dinero! This song is the equivalent to Michael Jackson’s Butterflies Single. I’m not hating, J-Lo still looks as fine as ever! She’s just still trying to make music for 20 year old kids instead of making music for the people her age! You know the ones that really love you J-Lo! I’m just kidding honey, I actually like your new song but “Dinero” is a very long way from “If you had my Love”.  J-lo and Jay-Z are iconic. They will never fade away, they don’t have to try to stay relevant, they choose to because they feel like they have to adapt to the new age listeners. Hell money buys botox and bodies so they can look 20 when they are 90. Jay has Beyonce and she keeps the almost 50 year old rapper relevant as well, nice stick Jigga!  Honestly though, the Jigga I know and love would never wear the outfit pictured above, it’s just not his style (although I personally like it myself).

Relevancy Over Loyalty?

Musicians are trying to stay relevant, they don’t really have there own style anymore, they are busy trying to keep with the times and adapt to what the people buying the music wants to see from them. Are they loyal to the fans that have been loyal to them for so long? Does it even matter? At this point shouldn’t they just make the music they want to, do they think they will disappear into obscurity because they aren’t making music for their generation anymore or are they just targeting are kids because the are money hungry scumbags? Not sure why they feel they have to relate to children when people their age still buy the most music! Normally I don’t link a competitor but it’s true read here. The article also goes on to basically say that young minds are easy to warp, as of we (parents) need proof. The industry is cruel and targeting kids is even crueler. I’m not hating though, just saying my 12 year old is getting targeted by grown-ups, wonderful!

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  1. This writer must be like 50 or something. I’m feeling the music these days, it’s so dope and these artists put there hearts into being creative and I love them for it!

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