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Saturday July 7th, 2018

July 5th marks the day of Cape Verde’s independence, so we celebrate with a Cape Verdean Recognition Parade. We had over twenty kids and another twenty some odd adults participate with HDEYM in the CV parade this year! What a great time. We teamed up with our friends from Cape Verdean Association in New BedfordVENC Cultural Soul Academy, Inc. and Batucada Otu Level. Talk about a “banga” these guys can play!

The Setup

We started at Buttonwood Park as usual, met up nice and early and passed out t-shirts and refreshments for all the kiddos. We also passed out festive tootoos for the little ladies. The older kids refrained and with our Custom T’s but the young Kriolas fell in love with their homemade festive skirts! See the full picture gallery here!

The March

We marched to the beat of our own drum, well not really ours but to the beat of Batucada Otu Level’s drums! These guys are amazing and not only pleased the crowd but also our little HDEYM marching crew! What hike on this hot Saturday but I’m to say that all of our little troopers made it the entire way! We kept them cool with plenty of Gatorade and water bottles to spray a refreshing mist on them!


The Outcome

We were very pleased with the turnout and the outcome and look forward to growing this event for next year. What a great event, we always look forward to dancing, singing, throwing out candy and representing our CV flag! It is fun for all and for all it’s a good time! Hope to you see you there next year, contact HDEYM for participating in the Cape Verdean Recognition Parade or joining us for some of our other fun filled events! Thanks for reading!

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